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AACSB Accreditation Standards

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There are 15 standards in the AACSB 2013 Guidelines (adopted April 8, 2013: Updated: January 31, 2015)

  • Strategic Management and Innovation (3)
  • Participants - students, faculty, and professional staff (4)
  • Learning and Teaching (5)
  • Academic and Professional Engagement (3)
Strategic Management and Innovation Standards   Standard 1:  Mission, Impact and Innovation 
Standard 2: Intellectual Contributions, Impact, and Alignment with Mission
Standard 3:  Financial Strategies and Allocation of Resources
Participants – Students, Faculty, and Professional Staff Standard 4: Student Admissions, Progression, and Career Development
Standard 5: Faculty Sufficiency and Deployment
Standard 6: Faculty Management and Support
Standard 7: Professional Staff Sufficiency and Deployment
Learning and Teaching Standards Standard 8: Curricula Management and Assurance of Learning
Standard 9: Curriculum Content
Standard 10: Student-Faculty Interactions
Standard 11: Degree Program Educational Level, Structure, and Equivalence
Standard 12: Teaching Effectiveness
Academic and Professional Engagement Standards Standard 13: Student Academic and Professional Engagement
Standard 14: Executive Education
Standard 15: Faculty Qualifications and Engagement