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Learning and Teaching

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Curricula Management and Assurance of Learning

The school uses well-documented, systematic processes for determining and revising degree program learning goals; designing, delivering, and improving degree program curricula to achieve learning goals; and demonstrating that degree program learning goals have been met.



Curriculum Content

Curriculum content is appropriate to general expectations for the degree program type and learning goals.



Student-Faculty Interactions

Curricula facilitate student-faculty and student-student interactions appropriate to the program type and achievement of learning goals.



Degree Program Educational Level, Structure, and Equivalence

Degree program structure and design, including the normal time-to-degree, are appropriate to the level of the degree program and ensure achievement of high-quality learning outcomes. Programs resulting in the same degree credential are structured and designed to ensure equivalence.


Teaching Effectiveness

The school has policies and processes to enhance the teaching effectiveness of faculty and professional staff involved with teaching across the range of its educational programs and delivery modes.