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Local students
Students can apply for scholarships/loans from various organizations namely JPA/MARA, PTPTN, the State Governments, statutory bodies and the private sector. Details can be obtained directly from the respective establishments mentioned. Advertisements for the offer of scholarships/loans will usually be placed in local newspapers.

To assist students, the Students Affairs Department will contact scholarship/loan sponsors from time to time for sources of aid.

International students
International applicants around the world may apply for the Malaysia International Scholarship (MIS). MIS is an initiative by the Malaysian Government to attract the best brains from around the world to pursue advanced academic studies in Malaysia. This scholarship aims to support Malaysian Government's effort to attract, motivate and retain talented human capital from abroad. For more information click here

Student Life

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In the early stage being as a student, you have to learn to do some adjustment. Life before entering the university could be slightly or perhaps a big different. A new environment, life style, people around you, cultures, most probably need for you to learn and do some adjustment, especially during your first year. In order to succeed, you need a good self discipline, commitment, diligence and strategies to survive in campus life .

There are challenges and obstacles lurking around in the university, but if you are positive in any aspect, you may overcome the problem. You need strong emotional, mental and spiritual states. Be enthusiastic and always think positive that whatever you do is for your own benefit!. You need to prepare and manage yourself in term of time, study and daily activities. It should be balance and managed in a more comprehensive way compared to what you have done before entering the university. Take a good diet, exercise frequently, mix well with your friends and lecturers, plan your study schedule, be energetic and discipline as well as try to sort out the best way to study. Every student knows that there will always be examinations held after classes or after the syllabus have been covered so it is an obligation for them to score well by start setting up a study group, following up study skill and seeking for lecturers' help if necessary. Knowing some strategies on how to answer the exam questions helps you a lot because it eases your burden during the examinations as you are already familiar with that.

Be 'a resourceful person' by searching information from variety of books, journals, articles, the internet and other relevant sources. You must have a good general knowledge. Look forward and always remember that time is very precious. Hence, don't waste it by doing unbeneficial activities such as loitering, chatting, watching movies and other things that do not contribute to your achievement in studies. However, it is also not good to study around the clock so by having leisure time adequately may helps you to release stress on studies. YOU SHOULD GIVE YOUR BEST SHOT IN WHATEVER YOU DO IN ORDER TO SUCCEED IN YOUR CAMPUS LIFE!

Soft skills is another thing that student should possess. Try to acquire as much as you can. Living in a campus needs exposure to a variety of activities, not only by attending lectures per se - you need to involve in social activities organized by students' club or students' representatives related to the university. UUM provides various opportunities for students to get involved with. Participating in student activities will makes you more competent as it builds up your leadership and communication skills as well as interpersonal relations. Students should grab the chances in order to develop 'first-class minded' or a 'versatile' student. It will strengthen your confidence which is vital to produce effective public leaders. More than 90 student organizations and programs provide students with additional opportunities to serve to the public.

Use the facilities around you – for instance, the library and the sports complex, equipped with an archery field, equestrian area, a go kart centre and even several golf courses. Involving in games and physical activities makes you healthy and fit.

Most of the students need guidance and self exploratory. You also need to have skill in problem solving and decision making. Self help and guidance during study is inevitable to a certain students. Together, some of you need an academic guidance and counseling, motivation, and career counseling. You may get to know yourself by doing self assessment – career inventories and work sheets to assess you motivation, interest and talents. We provide these kinds of services that may help you for a better life in campus!

Aim for a best achievement in academic and individual development. If you keep on struggling and always be passionate in your study, the convocational day perhaps will be the best memory in your life!


How to Apply

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Local applicants
All applications to the Public Institutions of Higher Learning have to go through the Student Intake Division for Institutions of Higher Learning, Department of Higher Learning, Ministry of Higher Learning, Malaysia.

Advertisements informing candidates about enrollment in programmes offered for the first degree level for STPM Students to the Public Institutions of Higher Learning will appear in major national newspapers.

All applications have to be made thought the web using the online application provided by the Ministry of Education (MOE) website http://emoe.gov.my/ . Password can be bought from Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) nation-wide.

International applicants
As an international student, you can apply directly to Academic Affairs Department



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