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Initial Criteria Faculty Qualification and Engagement

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2003 Standard 10 Faculty Qualifications

Category  I. AQ   PQ
 a)  Should have an earned Doctoral Degree from a recognized institution within the last five years,
 Should have a Masters degree from a recognized university and have at least five years of industry experience.
 b)  Should have an earned doctorate from a recognized institution prior to 2009 and have at least two publications in peer reviewed Journal(s) within the last five years,
 Should have a Masters degree from a recognized university and have qualifications from Professional bodies such as Charted Institute of Marketing/ CMA/ CPA/ CLT/MCIT, etc.
 c)  Should be in the virtue of completing a doctoral degree (All But Dissertation –ABD - status) from a recognized institution.  

III. 'Other' Faculty Members
Faculty members who do not fit into either AQ or PQ, currently teaching at COB.


New 2013 Standard 15

  Academic (Research/Scholarly) Applied/Practice
academic preparation
professional experience  
substantial in
duration and level of
 Scholarly Practitioners
 Instructional Practitioners
Doctoral degree  Scholarly Academics
 Practice Academics


Faculty Qualifications Indicators:

  • Minimum SA:
    (SA)/(SA +PA + SP + IP +O) > 40%

  • Minimum SA + PA + SP:
    (SA + PA + SP)/(SA + PA + SP + IP + O) > 60%

  • Minimum SA + PA + SP + IP:
    (SA + PA + SP + IP)/(SA + PA + SP + IP + O) > 90%